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Hungaria Irsai Olivér Special Edition 0,75l

Do you like Irsai Olivér? Are you partial to the dry taste of Hungaria you know so well? If you did answer yes to both questions, Hungaria’s sixth limited edition speciality, the Irsai Olivér Extra Dry sparkling wine is the perfect choice for you. The silvery gleaming hue and  the bubbles spiralling up in strings make a great first impression.

Due to the bottle  fermentation, the muscat fragrance bringing back the aroma of freshly pressed grape juice, which is so characteristic to the Irsai Olivér variety, is teamed up with signs of fine ageing  and a hint of peach. The first sip presents you with fresh acids, rich and complex fruity taste with ripe and fragrant pear, and yeasty notes in the background. The second date is guaranteed. Hungaria – Sparkling Wine Reimagined!

Since its muscaty-fruity and dry-aged tastes are well balanced, this is a real ‘unisex’ sparkling  wine for social occasions and also an excellent aperitif. We also recommend this sparkling wine for poultry dishes prepared with fruit, for light desserts and for white pulp fruit salads.

Price: 1850 Ft

  • Extra dry
  • White
  • 11.5
  • 6-8 °C
  • 5.8 g/l